Business English


Business Environment

Learn the "ins and outs" of the business culture, along with some key vocabulary words and  notable terminology.

Business Presentations

Frame your presentation to a specific audience.  Establish clear objectives, use easy to understand language in visuals and when speaking.  Don't try to get fancy with your vocabulary.  Keep it simple! 

Business Writing

From formal business letters, to memos, to email, write effectively by following a good outline, remembering your audience, and editing BEFORE you send any correspondence.  

Resumes & Job Search

When applying for a position, make sure to fit your resume to the specific position.  Resumes should be limited to 1-2 pages.  Learn how to interview successfully and land the job!

Socializing in the Business World

Learn how to socialize in business settings by practicing key vocabulary and phrases.  Learn what constitutes "small talk" in different settings.  Be culturally sensitive to differences in business practices and norms.